This is an independent cuddler's profile for Ace Edmonds. It is not paid for, sponsored by, backed, or endorsed by any external party, though it may contain promotions for events and advertisements for companies and parties that are supported and/or attended by Ace Edmonds.

I've long known that I thrive on physical touch. In college, I often participated in ad-hoc cuddle piles among friends. When I left that environ, it became more difficult for me to continue to find comforting touch.

I tried traditional relationships for many years, but while they provided me with satisfying touch, they also came with baggage in the forms of sexual, emotional, and financial dependence. And in the effort to find a more balanced and independent state of peace, I pushed those people away.

As an adult, maintaining a healthy social life has not come easily to me. I have friends made online, friends made in person and kept online as we moved geographically apart, and acquaintenships made through work interactions. But still I find myself struggling to find people with whom to share positive physical touch.

In the summer and autumn of 2018, I found a friend who was willing to meet with me on an irregular basis, to spend a few hours lying in a hammock, leaning against each other, often talking but sometimes merely enjoying companionable silence. That winter, we drifted apart, and in the coming year, I looked inward and decided what sort of relationships I wanted in my life.

I had already been approaching the idea of lifelong bachelorhood, and--at least for the time being--settled on searching only for platonic companionship. Anything I needed beyond that could be satisfied by myself alone without concern for any unnecessary baggage.

In the autumn of 2019, I searched for and found a cuddle party in my area, with the aim of passing the winter in a more healthy emotional state, as an antidote to my seasonal affective disorder.

Come January of 2020, I found myself yearning for more. Once a month wasn't enough. That's when I decided to build this page.

It exists for the purpose of transparency. I cannot sell myself in today's sexualised marketplace, nor do I want to. I can only make apparent what I'm looking for, what I'm open to, and what I am not, and hope that anybody who is looking for something similar can find me.

This page was last updated 2020-01-26